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Mountain Bike Track Stands

Track Stands – An Online Course

What are your current perceptions about the difficulty of balancing in one spot on your bike? Whatever they are, let me help shape them or at least add some context so that your learning trajectory has no limits.

Even though you’re in one spot, you’re still moving! Movement is key to balance, both in the bike and body! For track stands, you’re actually rolling back and forth utilizing gravity or body language (instead of relying on a fixed gear like on a track bike). This is the foundation for quality track stands.

This movement allows much more room for error than most riders initially think! For example, I challenge anyone to balance in one spot on their bike, with their front wheel straight, and their brakes on. Without the bike moving your body is left to desperately balance a bike that is fixed on one skinny line, impossible even for a balance master like me! However, simply by turning your front wheel to create a more triangular base of balance and allowing some rolling movement of the wheels makes the track stand a very accessible and do-able skill.

So perfect balance isn’t required, you just need the right technique and progression sequence. Track stands are easier than you might initially think! Lets begin!!

Track Stands Progressive Learning

Ryan breaks down the skill into step by step learnings.



Corner Ratcheting

Corner Ratcheting

Precision Ratcheting

Ratcheting with Gravity

Technical Trail Ratcheting

Baseline Balance

Track Stand Movements

Edge Support Track Stands

Edge Support Track Stands

Sitting Track Stands

Sitting Down

Four Track Stand Positions

High Pressure Front

Track Stand Variations

Track Stand Variations

Riding Fakie

Riding Fakie Track Stands

Baseline Balance Course Info

Learn track stands, rocking, hopping, and trail integration.

Begin with Track Stands

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You’ll eliminate foot dabs and gain flow. These balance techniques are radically transformative, yet often overlooked and under-utilized. You can learn these even if you’re a beginner, and if you’re an expert – it’s never too late!

Then advance your balance skills

Track stands, hopping and rocking, especially when used seamlessly together – are truly the most attainable technical riding skills that provide the biggest appreciation in abilities.

Learning these balance skills will transform your riding style

  • Track Stands
  • Hopping
  • Rocking
  • Trail Integration

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Track Stand Testimonials

Ryan’s course uses small, fun but challenging steps to build your skills up gradually and consistently. It took a bit of work but I can now track stand comfortably on the trails almost on demand. What surprised me more was how much the practice sessions improved my general balance & abilities on singletrack – I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years and since starting the balance course have felt a noticeable improvement in my riding style and the fun I have on a bike.
David Gorman
David Gorman
I was tired of lacking the skills I needed to ride technical trails, and balance was one of those things that was always elusive.  Ryan’s Baseline Balance course was my ticket to learn how to track stand, ratchet, and negotiate technical moves in slow motion.

These skills are tough to master and there is always more to it than you think, but Ryan’s course makes it simple and a blast to learn.  The benefit is HUGE, and will help your riding in so many exciting ways.  It certainly helped mine!  And the cost is less than a new front tire for your bike and unlike that tire, this investment will keep on giving.

Trust me, when the day comes that you clean a section and don’t dab while all your riding buddies are scratching their heads in disbelief, you can then tell them about your secret weapon: Ryan Leech’s Baseline Balance Course.

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