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How to do a Wheelie

Take the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge!

Introduction to the Wheelie Challenge

How to do a wheelie like Ryan Leech on a concrete skinny

If you love riding bikes, you deserve to experience the joy that comes from riding a wheelie with confidence. This course is designed to take you there, one small strategic step at a time. Designed for any level, from total beginner to those who just need to dial it in.

  • Immediate and Unlimited access to the entire online course
  • 30 progressive lessons that utilize video, drawings, and text
  • Q&A with Pro-Rider & Coach Ryan Leech utilizing each lessons comment section

Curriculum Based Learning

30 Progressive Video Lessons

Foreword by Robin Coope, PhD. PEng.

Day 1 – Preparation
Day 2 – Front Wheelie Lifts
Day 3 – Two Stroke Count
Day 4 – Brake it Down
Day 5 – Practice Pattern & Vision
Day 6 – Uphill & Practice Quality
Day 7 – The Float Zone
Day 8 – Instruction Digestion & Breathing
Day 9 – Side Balance #1 – Handlebar
Day 10 – Side Balance #2 – Knees and Feet
Day 11 – Float Zone Precision
Day 12 – Memory Visualization
Day 13 – Side Balance #3 – Torso, Hips, & butt
Day 14 – Drag it Out

Day 15 – Integration & Watch your Wheelie
Day 16 – Future Visualization & Practice Pattern
Day 17 – Pedal Power Pauses
Day 18 – Turning
Day 19 – Wheelie Tricks Part #1
Day 20 – Play Day – Go Ride with Kids!
Day 21 – Save It!
Day 22 – Max Outs & Watch Your Wheelie
Day 23 – Letting Go
Day 24 – Can You Teach It?
Day 25 – Coaster Wheelies Flat Ground
Day 26 – Tour de Neighborhood
Day 27 – Coaster Wheelies Downhill
Day 28 – The Wheelie Feeling
Day 29 – Wheelie Tricks Part #2
Day 30 – Final Count Up & Completion

Jill Kintner
Jill Kintner
“I have wanted to wheelie my whole life. I took the wheelie challenge as a way to push myself further and see if I could get past the frustration with it. Ryan has such a supportive and comprehensive way of teaching, that it was easy to understand. I got a couple of my friends into the challenge to keep me honest, and practiced like crazy, experimenting with all the elements of balance, fear, and technique. Ryan guided me through each day and it was incredibly satisfying to go from front wheel off the ground to controlled wheelies for almost 30 pedal strokes. Anywhere I go now, I’m wheeling 🙂 Thx Ryan.”
Steve Sheldon
Steve Sheldon
“I could never wheelie, was always afraid of trying and hurting myself, but the course breaks down all the steps and introduces them at a steady comfortable rate. Eventually, the front wheel will lift, you will feel the float, and you will be hooked on the feeling. With this course and some dedication, chasing that elusive float became easier each and every day, and as an added bonus, Ryan will get you out on your bike every day, and who doesn’t love that!” -Steve Sheldon
Jay Hoots
Jay Hoots
“Doing great wheelies is one of the most defining moments for most bike riders young or old. Wheelies are so rewarding, however, very elusive for so many riders and to date little information has ever been published or created on such an essential skill. Ryan has developed a complete wheelie training program that builds and hone’s the fundamental skills of riding on one wheel in a fun, balanced approach that combines just the right amount of technique and practice using attainable goal setting combined with positive motivation that provides solid and tangible results, straight up. Ryan has worked out the kinks to front wheel freedom and in just 30 days you will be challenging every kid on the block in a one wheeled show down!”

Wheelie Challenge Single Purchase

  • Immediate access to the full 30 Day Wheelie Challenge course
  • Price: $30


Ryan Leech Connection Membership

  • 30 Day Wheelie Challenge
  • The Bunny Hop Master Class
  • The Manual Master Class
  • Baseline Balance Skills
  • The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge
  • The Cornering Continuum
  • Jump with Confidence
  • Tight Switchbacks and Front Wheel Pivots
  • Yoga for Mountain Bikers
  • Physical and Mental fitness training.
  • 100+ lessons not available for single purchase
  • Personalized coaching support – at your request!
  • New content added regularly – stay as long as you’re inspired to learn!
  • Exclusive access to the Ryan Leech Connection Facebook Group
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Price: $19/month
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Frequently Asked Wheelie Questions

Do I have to complete the course in 30 days or can I take longer?

It’s best to think of it as a 30 ‘lesson’ challenge because it’s rare that riders complete the course in 30 consecutive days. Sore muscles, busy lives and weather all factor in, but perhaps most commonly extra practice is often needed at certain points in the program.

Am I guaranteed to be able to wheelie after 30 days?

Results come in a spectrum based on the level of experience the student starts with, how closely/diligently the program is followed, and how much desire there is to learn the skill. Based on all those who have successfully completed the program there is one thing in common, their ability to confidently pop a wheelie and stay in the float zone long enough to enjoy the wheelie feeling and for anyone watching to have no doubts that they’re doing a wheelie!

How hard or demanding is this program going to be?

I call it a ‘Challenge’ for good reason! Physically you may experience sore muscles and joints that need to be honoured with rest. There is also physical risk as further explained in the disclaimer. Mentally, you may face frustration, set backs, and anger which also needs to be honoured and worked through. So a big part of the challenge is persevering through the physical and mental set backs. The wheelie doesn’t come easy, BUT it does come!

What’s the difference between a wheelie and a manual?

Wheelies are performed seated while pedalling. Manuals are performed standing with no pedalling. (And yes the Manual Course is in development – stay tuned!).

I’m pretty good at wheelies already, can I skip lessons?

Not so fast turbo! No matter how pro you are, I want you to read, watch, and practice all the lessons. Think of it as a redesign of your wheelie muscle memory and habits. To truly get the wheelie feeling you have to go back and start at the foundation. That said, you might be able to knock a few minutes off the 15 minute practice time, especially early on.

Can I do two lessons in one day?

Learning requires digestion and integration both physically and mentally, and that takes time. Small doses of learning over time is the optimal formula I’m offering. That said, if you’re particularly precocious or you miss a day, you can double up every now and again; should you need to do this, try to do one lesson in the morning, and the other later in the day.

Can I repeat a lesson?

You bet! However, keep in mind, everyone learns at different rates and just because a lesson didn’t ‘click’ immediately for you doesn’t mean you have to repeat it. By going on to the next lesson as scheduled you’ll by default be practicing all the previous days lessons even if the focus is slightly different. It is easy to get ‘caught up’ or ‘stuck’ at a certain lesson or stage of the program, if this is happening, let me know asap in that lessons comment section and I’ll make a recommendation.

Ryan Leech’s Wheelie Background

Ryan Leech can teach you how to wheelie

It took a year of testing and refinement to create The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge – not to mention 18 years of in-person wheelie teachings!

Since the launch of the challenge in April, 2015 – I have been carefully documenting patterns in participants questions and comments in order to further optimize the online learning process. The results have been compiled and are now integrated in the second edition of The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge.

There is no doubt that learning how to wheelie is challenging, however, with this course I can assure you that you CAN learn how to wheelie.

More Wheelie Challenge Lovers

Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong
“Ryan Leech breaks the intricate mystery of how to wheelie a bike down into bite size pieces that anyone can work through.”
Jess Iburg
Jess Iburg
“Taking the Baseline Balance Skills course has expanded the foundation of my slow speed bike handling skills, and has set me up for improved trail riding and enhanced fun. Ryan’s methods are very logical and progressive, and his responses to questions and comments on the lessons are incredibly insightful. I’ve taken both his 30 Day Wheelie Challenge and Baseline Balance skills courses, and his feedback has helped guide me through the sticking points I’ve faced. Highly recommended.”
Mike Koster
Mike Koster
“Ryan’s program is well delivered, easy to follow, and fun! I was making progress with every lesson, and at the end I was doing my best wheelies ever!”
Darren Stace-Smith
Darren Stace-Smith
“There’s no one better out there to teach you the elusive wheelie! Step by step, pedal by pedal, you’ll get it! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn how to wheelie, this great teaching tool helped me to accomplish it with ease.”

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Questions and Comments

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  • Dave

    I want to learn how to wheelie! I been practicing forever and still can only “sort of” wheelie.

    • Right on Dave, I want to teach you! The course is shaping up beautifully…we’ll get your wheelies dialled in no prob 🙂

  • rodrigo

    I did type my email but i haven´t recieved an email…

  • Hey Rodrigo, you’ll receive an email to confirm your subscription to the mailing list. You might need to check your junk folder just in case. Then, once the product is ready, I’ll send you an email to let you know! Beginning of April is the anticipated launch date, so stay tuned!!

    • rodrigo


  • Chris Rose

    Hey Ryan is everything up and running I entered in my email and still waiting for something back. Really enjoyed your yoga class the other morning in MEC btw.

    • You should have received a confirmation email for joining the mailing list. The product will be ready for purchase very very soon, and now that you’re on the mailing list you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready!

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  • Gabriel Kovach

    Its funny, I can ride a unicycle but my wheelie sucks while my friends make a whole street in wheelie and the cant ride my unicycle… How come?

    • I spoke with Kris Holm about this, arguable the worlds most famous unicyclist, and he agrees that wheelies are indeed more challenging to learn than riding a unicycle, a big part is that unicycles are fixed gear; then throw handlebars, front wheels, brakes into the mix and things get complicated quickly!

      • Gabriel Kovach

        Thanks Ryan. I guess practice makes perfect, lol, no shortcuts but hard work.

        • While practice does make perfect, the program is full of progressions and tips that will speed up the learning curve significantly 🙂

  • Futuredave

    Will this help me learn to bunny hop? I feel like my front wheel is glued to the ground!

    • I would say yes and no. Yes in that the process of learning any new skill bumps up confidence and requires you to spend time on the bike which supports all other skill progression indirectly; and no in that the bunnyhop is a fairly unique and complex movement pattern and requires specific instruction and practice progressions that are very different from wheelies.

  • Rambo

    Being able to master the wheelie has been one of my dreams since I turned 30. I have several friends who are wheelie masters – they just seem to naturally “get” it, I’m so envious. Can’t wait to take the class, this is exactly what I needed!

    • I’m excited to teach you Rambo, it’s so worth the effort!

  • Brent Gathwright

    I host a FB page “look at me riding wheelies”. Im not great, but i love watching them. im good for about 10-15 cranks, and its over. Talking about bikes that is…hahaha. Put me on the list Sir! Also, this has been shared on that page.

    • Rad, thanks for spreading the work Brent, awesome!! I’ll check out the page too 🙂

  • Dan

    How difficult is to master this technique directly on a XC MTB with the specific geometry (let’s assume it’s also a 29er 😉 ) vs a trial bike or one more suited for tricks ?

    • I have a section at the very beginning of the program outing optimal bike choice and set up… though the key take away is that almost any bike is sufficient for mastering the skill. I’ve been working on this program for quite a while and had a variety of students on a variety of bikes, one had great success on a single speed drop bar road bike, far far from optimal!! So you’ll be in good shape on the 29″ xc bike

  • Kostya Yegorov

    Waiting for you to release the product so I can get it!

  • Sue Estes

    Love this idea, Ryan! I am super motivated and excited! …waiting for that email to confirm, anxiously!

    • Right on Sue, just working on the finishing touches, I can’t wait to make it available for everyone!

  • lol, subscribed because wheelies and happiness

  • boomhauer

    wheelies are near the top of my bucket list. I can ride a unicycle but still can’t wheelie worth poo

  • thegweed

    Subscribed. I hope this will help me even though I ride a full-sus 29er.

    • The 29″ full suspension will be just fine with a couple small adjustments as I outline at the beginning of the program. Right on thegweed!

  • Jim

    The course is a really good idea, thanks. I’ve been trying
    to learn wheelieing for a while and am finding it really hard to get past 1 or
    2 pedal strokes at the balance point. I think I’m just not leaning back far enough
    and need to get the confidence to loop out once in a while. Determined to nail
    it this year!

    • Jim, the crazy thing about wheelies is that the balance point is either the most terrifying place to be or the most blissful place to be, and for it to be blissful requires a gradual build up of trust in utilizing your rear brake…LOADS on this in the program 🙂 We’ll get you feeling confident!

      • Jim

        Excellent, thanks Ryan. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.

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  • coffeenated

    Great idea! Quick question: I’ve been seeing a number of mtb’ers doing ‘front wheelies’ while navigating sharp downhill turns or other technical areas. Can the skills from a wheelie translate to a front wheelie?

    • Any time spent learning skills on a bike is supportive of learning other skills, and understanding the balance points for wheelies will certainly help with feeling in to the balance point on the front wheel, however they are very different skills. I recently completed a six part series on ‘Endos’ which gets in to switchbacks on the front wheel, nollies off logs, and even front wheel hops; they’re posted privately in another product I offer called RL Connection, just click on the ‘Membership’ link above to learn more.

  • TW

    I’m looking forward to it. You should create a place for people to post before/after videos.

  • The course is now LIVE! I’ll be sending out an email notification to all those who have expressed interest over the last few weeks. Here’s the link: https://www.kajabinext.com/marketplace/courses/1688-30-day-wheelie-challenge

    • Cool. I’ve registered, Ryan. I purchased your Trials Trilogy of CRUX, Mastering the Art of Trials, and Manifesto a couple years ago and still regularly watch the ‘Mastering’ video clips.

      I’m looking forward to this. It’ll help me with my #30daysofbiking, too! http://30daysofbiking.com/

      • Ahh cool, love how this fits in with the 30daysofbiking, very cool Griff! And cool you’re still grooving on Mastering the Art of trials! Have fun with the new course 🙂

        • Jason Kupski

          Thanks for doing this Ryan, I appreciate it. Griff, your courses are excellent as well!

          • Thanks, Jason. Ryan’s probably wondering what the heck you’re talking about!

            Ryan, I’ve sent an email to you at the email address included with the purchase receipt I received from Kajabi, the course platform provider you’re using.

          • You’re welcome Jason! And Griff, I’ll stay tuned!

      • Hi Griff! That’s cool you have Mastering the Art of trials, I might add a couple clips into the RL Connection membership site for another perspective on a few of the techniques I’m teaching about 10 years later!!

  • yoyoyo

    Is this course going to cover manualing (coasting wheelie) as well?

    • Hey yoyoyo! A couple definitions just to be clear: A Wheelie is performed seated while peddling. A Manual is performed standing while coasting. Manuals require a slightly different learning curve than wheelies so aren’t covered in this program (though I do have plans for it), however, I DO teach Coaster Wheelies as you mentioned, which are performed seated while coasting. Does that make sense? Cheers!

  • TW

    When I buy it, does it expire after a time or could I refer to it indefinitely? If I bought it this week, could I look through it and then actually do the 30 day challenge at a later time? Thanks.

    • Hi TW, once you make the purchase, you’ll have unlimited access with no expiry 🙂

  • loater21

    Lmao best April Fools Prank!!! 😛

  • Gavin

    Hi ryan, I’ve got cleats on my MTB, can I still use these lessons if my feet are connected to the cleats? I e tried to practice wheelies many times but when I’ve got it wrong it’s no joke with cleats.
    Really keen to master the wheelie? Do you think I will get it with these lessons?

    • Please do take the cleats off Gavin! The Wheelie Challenge is named a challenge for a reason, but following the program it will give you every advantage possible for making your wheelie dreams come true! Please do keep me posted with your progress, and once you’re signed in I’ll be online to support your questions along the way. Ride ON!

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  • LasVegas Mtb

    What if after the 30 days I still can’t ride wheelie’s?

    • Hi LasVegas Mtb, based on my latest test groups, if you follow the program very meticulously, by the end you’ll be able to safely find the ‘wheelie feeling’ by choice, meaning that you can go out and find the ‘float zone’ without any worry about flipping over backwards. At that point, the length of wheelies will vary, but for anyone looking, they’ll look at you and say ‘hey you’re doing a wheelie!’, and the wheelie will feel very good to you too! No fear, just pure enjoyment!

  • october

    Can I use this program to learn if my bicycle is a coaster brake? No hand brakes… I have a feeling the answer is no…

    • You got it October, I don’t recommend it, sorry.

  • Jasper

    Is it harder to learn to wheelie with a 29er? At 57 years young I don’t want to make learning a wheelie any harder than I need to! I have both a hard tail and full suspension 29er but should be able to get access to a 26″ if recommended.

    • Hey Jasper, the hardtail 29er should be fine, especially when you follow some of the other adjustment suggestions I make in Day 1 of the program. 26″ wheel size is preferable, but not crucial by any means. Also, you’re more likely to be used to riding the 29er, so that factors in too.

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  • Joe

    I have a hard tail Giant 27.5″. Would this bike work OK? I am 15 years old and have experimented with wheelies for quite some time on various MTBs, but I cannot get past 7 or 8 pedal strokes. How do you think this course would benefit me?

    • Joe, 6-7 strokes is GREAT, you’ll have a head start. Please be sure to follow the course from Day 1 though, they’ll be plenty of tips and tricks to get you going much much longer, especially if you dedicate yourself to the full 30 days. Your giant will be just fine for the challenge.

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  • Nikko Murashko

    Wtf do u need to pay

  • Richard

    Hey Ryan, im in the UK, can I join in the fun?

    • You bet Richard, please join on in!

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  • Scott

    Hi is there any chance in the near future to pay with Paypal. My credit card charges a lot more for US dollar transactions. It would be easier/cheaper to pay by Paypal. Really looking forward to starting the course. I practise wheelies every time I ride and I’m still rubbish 🙂

    • There is actually a work around I have used for a few participants so they can use paypal, just send me a note and I’ll set you up:

  • Sambo

    How much time per day would I need to practice?

    • Check out the faq on the sales page which is linked above for further details, but in short, I recommend a minimum of 15 min a day…

  • Dallas

    Have you done/are planning a course on manuals? This is a top-notch course with your abilities/style/temperament built in BUT we are very seldom in the saddle. I ride a 29er FS, RockmanSlate2, and my 10 and 12 year olds are on 27.5s . Would this course still be the best or is there a better option? Paypal for me also.

    • Manuals are so adventagious for trail riding, I’ve got plans for that course for sure! Send me an email for PayPal instructions… [email protected]

  • Martin Blick

    Hey from Sweden. I’d like to try this . Can I use PayPal? Tack!

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  • Andy Nourse

    My bike is set up for climbing, which makes it extremely hard to get the wheel up.
    Tried moving the seat back to make it easier to wheelie, but it totally ruins the climbing.
    I can’t do all the steep climbs standing on the pedals, my knees can’t take it.

  • Martin Blick

    Hi Ryan, i took this course. I never normally bother with feedback etc, but I loved it. The main thing it makes you do is focus. You devote time to it and the course works. I can now wheelie all over the place, on big group rides, for little kids when they ask, on boring bits of the trail or on the commute to work. Really really rate it! ps when is the manual course!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Martin, and congratulations on your wheelies!!

  • Matt

    Hi Ryan, I was considering your wheelie challenge and I was wondering if you have any tips or a program for learning to bunny hop? Thanks,

    • Hi Matt! I’m developing a number of courses, including for bunnyhops, and right now they’re only available on my private membership site https://www.ryanleech.com/connection which you’re more than welcome to join, otherwise sit tight and I’ll announce when the courses will be available as a separate buy similar to the wheelie challenge – the bunnyhop one will be perhaps spring of 2016…

  • Alex

    Hello Ryan,I have questions. Which need bike buy for most tricks?
    Also I like to ride fast on the impassibility of roads and I have about US$700.
    What do you advise?
    What better brakes?
    cross country ,hardtail,hardtail extreme,free ride and etc.

    Oh, I’m confused. Sorry for my bad English.

    • Alex

      P.S. correctly: I have now about USD$500 – what can I buy?

      If I find money about USD$2000 – what can I buy?

      • Hey there Alex! A great place to find out what kind of bike you can get for your budget is on the buy & sell on pinkbike.com They’re used bikes but lots of selection and variety. Hope you find a great bike!

        • Alex

          Thank you very much. I have found such options:

          2015 SCOTT SCALE 935 BIKE
          2016 SCOTT SCALE 740 BIKE
          2015 SCOTT SPARK 750 BIKE

          However, I’m confused. Which one? 🙁

          • Alex

            Oh,yeah, I found 😉 soooo I need buy ”

            30 Day Wheelie Challenge” =))

  • Walter Nagel

    It covered in snow 7 to 8 months out of the year where I live…. Even my driveway and road. It will be months before I can break out my regular mountain bike. But I have a fat bike with 4.8″ tires. Will that work? Will learning on a snowy driveway/ road slow my learning progress?

    • Hi Walter! You might be the first to find out if the Wheelie Challenge is possible in the middle of a snowy winter! I’m sure it is, though I think you’ll be adding to the challenge! If doing wheelies in the snow isn’t as fun as it sounds – then please know you do have unlimited access to the program with no expiry so once the snow melts you’ll be good to go. All the best Walter!

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  • OZX

    Ryan, Anyway to buy these as a gift for another? i.e. How can they still sign/tick the disclaimer page?

    • Yeah for sure ozx, great idea! Can you send along a private message through my contact form and then I can get you set up. Please just let me know which course or courses you’re interested in gifting – I have a solution for ya! https://www.ryanleech.com/contact/

  • JF

    Hi Ryan, very interested in your courses but I have a question. What would be the best order to tackle wheelie, manual and bunny hop ? I guess manual before bunny hop but what about wheelies ?

    Thank you !

    • Hi JF – good question! For the bunny hop course, I include a section on the manual front wheel lift, so you could certainly tackle the bunny hop master class before the manual master class. I think deciding whether it’s more important for you to learn the wheelie or the bunny hop may be the big question! Both of course – but they each take time. Some riders actually do two courses at a time, so on any given practice they practice some wheelies and balance, or they practice bunny hops and wheelies etc. Hope that helps!

  • Mark Stewart

    Hi Ryan, I really want to learn how to manual properly, as it’s an important MTB skill to know. I had read somewhere it’s better to learn to wheelie first and then manualing will be much easier to master. What are your thoughts on this! Thanks

    • Hey Mark, there are no rules for whether to learn wheelies or manuals first, I’d suggest working on whatever you’re more inspired to learn! It’s true though that learning to wheelie first whill make manuals easier to learn, but vice versa is also true!

  • jason

    hi there. just wondering if you discuss side to side balance in this class! I find I have control on the tipping point but find myself falling sideways despite using my knees and front wheel to counter it.


    • You bet, side to side balance is huge part of the course! If you look closely at the table of contents above you’ll see there are three specific lessons on side balance. All the best!

  • Ben Richards

    Hi Ryan, I heard about your site from the TrainerRoad podcast. I don’t own a mtb, just a road bike and a beater. Can I follow along with your programs on my road bike as long I don’t clip in?

    • Yeah the TrainerRoad crew is great! I don’t recommend doing the challenge on a road bike. Most road bikes don’t have gearing that is easy enough for the pedal stroke initiated front wheel lift, and the second reason you mentioned is pedals, you’d need to put real flat pedals on the road bike, and switching them back and forth can be pain. So it’s not ideal, sorry Ben! If you had gearing that was close to 1 to 1, and left flat pedals on your road bike for a couple months of practice, then I could see it working and it has for one person like that. Hope that helps!

  • JonK

    Hi Ryan, I have a Surly Pugsley will that be ok for learning on? I have trouble lifting the wheel and think it’s fear of flipping out. I’m 58 and want crack this before I reach 60!

    • Rad goal!! Yup the pugsly will work, though I do suggest adding some extra air pressure for your practice sessions. Actually I have a whole section on bike set up tips, along with plenty of progressions to help you ease the fear of flipping over backwards. Ride on!

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