Yoga for Cyclists

I really enjoy Ryan’s yoga classes because Ryan has a voice that I can only describe as calm enthusiasm. As I follow his directions, we slowly and carefully move to new postures at our own levels of ability, but do so with a focused energy and intensity that inspires me to hold a position or relax into that one extra arc of extension. Still waters run deep.
Eric Peterson
Eric PetersonLululemon Global Brand Director
“Ryan is as cool as it gets. His energy, focus and mastery to his craft is contagious. Where Ryan goes, people follow.”
Steve Sheldon
Steve Sheldon
I started going to the class because I was unable to ride because of my cancer, and needed more activity, and the class really helped me keep active as well as helped me cope both physically and emotionally with my journey. Now I’ve got some experience, I really appreciate the fast flow with next to no interruptions from start to finish, and always feel like I’ve had an amazing workout by the end.

Why Practice with Ryan?

Through a sixteen year professional cycling career, yoga allowed me to ride longer and with more style, magnify my focus, prevent injury, increase strength and most importantly enjoy the sport I love. Whether you ride recreationally or professionally, and whether you’re fresh to yoga or fluent in it, my intent is not only to share my favorite cyclist specific posture sequences, but also to elicit a more awake relationship between how your body moves, your mind thinks, and your spirit inspires.

Each routine is inspired by breathtaking alpine views from Sol Mountain in the Monashee’s, original musical score by Corduroy Kid, anatomical wisdom from my sports physiotherapist, and a healthy dose of channeled blissology from my yoga teacher Eoin Finn.


Cultivate inner-awareness and focus during this slow 30 minute contemplative full-body routine


Invigorate your cycling body with this challenging 40 minute practice.


Create a positive spin for yourself with this inviting 35 minute session.


Whether on the trail, road, or navigating your day, locate yourself with this to-the-point, 16 minute standing flow.


  • 2009: Certified as a blissologist through Eoin Finn’s Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour teacher training.
  • 2009: Registered with Yoga BC as an instructor and insured
  • Completed Positive Force Alignment Workshop with Eoin Finn
  • 2011: Lululemon Elite Ambassador
  • 2011: Completed 40 hour Deeper Knowledge Intensive with Eoin Finn
  • 2014: Studied Warrior Yoga in Santa Cruz
  • Practicing and playing yoga in class and in hotel rooms around the world since 2002

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Pete Stace-Smith
Pete Stace-Smith
I definitely feel healthier for participating and would recommend his friendly, all-inviting classes to anyone. You WILL feel better for it.
Cam McRae
Cam McRae
Practicing yoga with Ryan Leech is a rare pleasure. Ryan brings a welcome combination of warmth, humility and inner calm to his yoga class. I look forward to the next time I can attend one of his classes.
Jodi Kaldestad
Jodi Kaldestad
He creates a calm, welcoming environment for all levels of yoga and keeps structure and flow… his are exactly as a yoga class should be.

Yoga With Ryan

At 24 years of age, I couldn’t sleep due to back pain, couldn’t bear weight on my hands in push up position, I had repetitive shoulder and knee issues, and I had tendonitis in my elbows.

Enter Yoga, a life and body transformed. Added strength and flexibility allowed my career as a professional mountain biker to flourish. A deepened connection between body, mind, soul, and spirit inspired a developmental journey that will never end.

My mission is simple, share this beautiful practice with others.

What can I expect from the classes?

Open, Flow, Flourish.  A fun and friendly vinyasa flow style that is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, from first timers to masters. Blending a mix of poses to challenge your strength and flexibility. Ryan encourages his students to tune in to their experience and bodily feedback to help guide them to safely explore their edges, both physically and mentally.

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