• Integral Master Coach™

    Integral Master Coach™

    Life is complex. Time is tight. Circumstances limiting. The gap between your vision and reality thus grows. Meaningful change happens faster with a coach, so lets close that gap & make some cool things happen!

  • Ryan Leech Connection

    Ryan Leech Connection

    Online yoga studio & skills coaching for mountain bikers. Practices designed to optimize your riding performance & experience delivered weekly.

  • Professional Mountain Biker

    Professional Mountain Biker

    Performing Shows at Special Events and Schools, and promoting a healthy mountain biking lifestyle with the support of my sponsors. How can I be of service, I love new projects and ideas that leverage my riding skills and reputation for positive vibes and change!

LSD Rides

LSD rides are an effective physical training tool…but so much more than that. Just like in the shower, great ideas and insights (Ah-Ha, Yirika, or Lightbulb) are free to flow; perhaps the reason the  acronym for Long Slow Distance was chosen! Contributing ingredients/conditions are: rhythm breathing body movement gentle/low mental requirement time letting go & surrendering to […]

Endo of Summer

Two weeks on Savary Island, BC with no electronics or motors; my phone was off the entire time. Instead of reaching for my pocket, I reached for my juggling clubs, determined to learn how to juggle four clubs, and made some great progress, sixteen throws and catches. It took me some time to drop in […]


How does your mindset affect your speed? I devised a simple experiment. You can gauge a ride based on performance or enjoyment…or both. If it’s performance, you’re Charging, and probably using Strava. If it’s enjoyment you’re blissing, and finding the most pleasurable lines. If it’s both there’s a good chance you’re flowing. So, I rode […]