• Integral Master Coach™

    Integral Master Coach™

    Life is complex. Time is tight. Circumstances limiting. The gap between your vision and reality thus grows. Meaningful change happens faster with a coach, so lets close that gap & make some cool things happen!

  • Ryan Leech Connection

    Ryan Leech Connection

    Your online yoga & coaching studio for mountain bikers with weekly on & off bike practices to optimize your riding performance & experience.

  • Professional Mountain Biker

    Professional Mountain Biker

    Performing Shows at Special Events and Schools, and promoting a healthy mountain biking lifestyle with the support of my sponsors. How can I be of service, I love new projects and ideas that leverage my riding skills and reputation for positive vibes and change!


How does your mindset affect your speed? I devised a simple experiment. You can gauge a ride based on performance or enjoyment…or both. If it’s performance, you’re Charging, and probably using Strava. If it’s enjoyment you’re blissing, and finding the most pleasurable lines. If it’s both there’s a good chance you’re flowing. So, I rode […]

Riding Distance…in Time

Consider the distance you’ve travelled (not in kilometers…or miles) from when you started riding to now in terms of skills, friendship, and enjoyment. I did a super quick sketch of this for myself between the ages of 13-35:   For me, skill doesn’t correlate with enjoyment. That’s a myth in sport. Now with trials for […]

Kick or Kickstart Habits While Traveling

Traveling, for work or pleasure, is a great time to mess with habits, kick old ones, kickstart new ones. A new generation of travelers want to grow, seek, or change something while on trips; whether that be a diet change, learning a language, taking a course, or going on retreat. I’m certain in this category […]